50+ Best Fun Ideas For Celebrating Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a great time to show your appreciation for everything dad does, from the embarrassing moments to the heart-warming ones. There are a lot of ways to celebrate this year and plenty of activities you can do with dad, from cooking together to enjoying some outdoorsy hobbies.

Are you stumped for Father’s Day 2022? There are lots of creative things to do for Father’s Day, from holding a pizza party at home to crafting a Father’s Day craft or putting a lovely Father’s Day quotation in a Father’s Day DIY card. Just have a look at our 50 top Father’s Day ideas.

Trust us when we say that these unusual Father’s Day ideas will make commemorating your father a delight.

50 Father’s Day Ideas Suggestions

Father’s Day is around the corner, and you need to celebrate. Whether he deserves a medal or a trashing, show your love this year with “the best of the best” father’s day gift ideas. I’ve compiled a list of 50+ best fun ideas for celebrating Father’s Day.

1. Have a picnic inside

Rearrange your living room furnishings to create an indoor picnic atmosphere! Include Dad’s favorite munchies and lunchtime treats. Positive aspects? You won’t have to worry about bugs!

2. In your garden, fly a kite

You don’t have to travel far to spend quality time with Dad! Make your own kite or buy one online. Go into your backyard at a time when the wind is strong to create memorable memories that will last a lifetime!

3. Have supper with fondue

Fondue? For the sake of amusement! Find fondue recipes online or make your own to give Dad a memorable supper experience.

4. Host a Wine Tasting at Home

Do you think Dad is a wine connoisseur? Pour glasses of wine from the bottles you have on hand, and have Dad tell you about how the grapes ended up in his mouth.

5. Visit a bird sanctuary

For a tranquil, nature-filled day, spread a blanket in your lawn and grab your binoculars. Make a list of how many different types of birds you observe and try to determine which ones they are.

6. Make him breakfast in bed

It’s not just for Mother’s Day that breakfast in bed is served! Dads will love it, too! Start Father’s Day off properly by making some of his favorite breakfast delights.

7. Collaborate on a project

Is your father a doer? Why not spend the day building a tree house or decorating a birdhouse from the comfort of your own home?

8. Take a bicycle ride

Bike rides in the neighborhood are still permitted despite the statewide quarantine. To make Dad feel special, dust off the bikes and ride around the park.

9. Fire up the barbecue in the backyard

There’s no better route to a Dad’s heart than to mention the term “barbeque.” Get some fancy meats, like a rack of ribs or wagyu beef burgers, and let Dad loose.

10. Take a video tour

Virtual tours are available at several well-known museums, including the Guggenheim in New York City and the British Museum in London. Turn on the computer and let Dad lose himself in the artwork.

11. Have a family movie night outside

If binge-watching the Star Wars franchise is one of Dad’s favorite pastimes, consider hosting a family movie night in your own lawn. Hang a white bed sheet and use a projector to show a movie onto the screen.

12. Prepare a unique dish

If Anthony Bourdain and Gordan Ramsey are among of Dad’s culinary heroes, consider making a lunch with something you wouldn’t normally order, such as bison burgers or grilled octopus tentacles. Taking up a complicated dish may appear daunting, but the memories and food will be well worth it!

13. Finish a puzzle

Completing a puzzle with Dad on Father’s Day is a terrific way to spend time together. Spend time working on a puzzle you already own or make a new one with a sweet note reminding Dad how much you care!

14. Treat Dad to a spa day at home

Dads, contrary to common thought, can also get the pleasures of a spa day. Get some sheet masks from your local drugstore or give Dad a massage at home.

15. Host a wine and painting party

You can have all the pleasure of a traditional wine and paint night without leaving your house! Trace interesting images onto a canvas for easy painting, or let your imagination go wild and create your own masterpiece.

16. Participate in a virtual exercise class

Consider enrolling Dad in virtual exercise courses through platforms like Peloton or P90X if he is suffering from gym withdrawals.

17. Hold a scavenger hunt indoors

Watch as Dad tries to piece together clues around the home to get to his surprise. Get the kids involved by having them draw images or make up riddles to explain where the next clue is or what his gift may be.

18. Participate in a virtual concert

Whether Dad is upset because his favorite music festivals have been canceled, go to YouTube and see if his favorite band has a virtual show. Every day at 4 p.m. EST, the New York Guitar Festival hosts daily shows including live performances and appearances.

19. Build something with Legos

Why not spend some of your leisure time working on a long-term Lego project? Assist Dad in constructing models of beloved movie objects such as the Death Star and Hogwarts castle.

20. Indoor camping

Bring the beauty of nature within! Create an area in your living room to pitch a tent and put out sleeping bags, similar to the picnic concept. Microwave popcorn or s’mores for an additional special touch.

21. Establish a family garden

More households are considering producing their own food than ever before. Learn how to cultivate as many veggies and other items as possible in your own garden.

22. Make homemade ice cream

Did you know that ice cream can be made in a Ziploc bag? Dad and the rest of the crew are sure to have a good time with only a few things.

23. Throw a pizza bash

Everyone loves pizza, so make or buy some premade crust and place various toppings in bowls for Dad and the kids to create.

24. Construct a time capsule

Regardless of the stress of the circumstance, the Coronavirus will undoubtedly go down in history. Dig a hole in the backyard and have Dad assist the kids in collecting stuff from around the home (such as a recent newspaper or fliers) and placing them in a waterproof bag.

25. Create paper aircraft

Teach the kids how to create paper airplanes with Dad. Once they’ve gotten the hang of it, hold a backyard competition to see who can fly the farthest!

26. Organize a bingo competition

Make bingo cards with the kids and hold a bingo competition for a relaxing and enjoyable Father’s Day activity.

27. Make a volcano out of baking soda

This Father’s Day project is fantastic for involving the kids! Make your own volcano out of paper mache and paint. Then, at the mouth of the volcano, sprinkle baking soda and red food coloring. Finally, add vinegar into the mixture and watch it explode!

28. Take Dad to the Red Planet

Give Dad a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Take a simulated stroll on Mars by visiting the Nasa website.

29. Go on a virtual field trip to one of the National Parks

A Father’s Day road trip may be out of the question with beautiful national parks like Yellowstone and Wupatki National Monument closed for the foreseeable future. Instead, go to Google Earth to visually experience them in all their grandeur!

30. Visit Alaska virtually

If Dad’s Alaskan cruise has been canceled, send Alaska to him instead! Dad will be able to see all the frozen grandeur of Alaskan glaciers and icy crevaices on a virtual tour of the Kenai Fjords. He’s even capable of kayaking through icebergs!

31. Perform a blind beer tasting test

Grab 6 different types of beer from your local grocery shop, each with a different taste and flavor. Then blindfold Dad and challenge him to tell which one is which!

32. Bring the beach into your home

In this Father’s Day theme, creativity is crucial! Gather some low sand chairs and arrange them in the living room, then turn on the television to a beach in Australia or Hawaii to bring the holiday to you. Fill a plastic kiddie pool with warm water so Dad may put his feet in it and pretend to be at the beach!

33. Make an axe fight in the backyard

Make a new application of the 6-foot rule! Grab a hatchet and back away from a wooden target or tree trunk by at least 6 feet. To unleash the ax, hold it with two hands, coil it up behind your head, and throw it straight. Before you begin, watch YouTube tutorials to polish your throwing technique.

34. Take him shopping on the internet

Why not take advantage of your leisure time and go some shopping for Dad, who is in desperate need of a closet makeover? For the newest fashion trends, visit ASOS or Topman.

35. Play some old albums

Prepare to be taken back in time by dusting up your record player. This is a terrific way for Dad and the kids to bond by showing them what kind of music he liked as a youngster.

36. Come up with new cereals

Look through your cupboard for items that may be used to reinvent classic morning cereals. Perhaps fluffy marshmallows might be added to a bowl of Cinamon Toast Crunch? Have Dad try out all of your concoctions and choose the winner!

37. Find out which drinks can cause an explosion

We all know that if you put peppermint Mentos in Coke, the soda will explode due to a chemical reaction. But what about other sodas, such as Sprite or Root Beer? To find out, tell Dad to grab his goggles and walk out into the backyard.

38. Play video games from the past

Take out the classic video games, such as Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, or Mario Brothers, and have Dad show the kids how to complete difficult levels. Father’s Day will undoubtedly be one to remember!

39. Shop at the playground

Even if local parks are closed to the public, take a tour around the area to discover which parks have the nicest swing sets and slides, noting which ones you’ll return to once the quarantine period is over. This is not only entertaining for the kids, but it also gets you and Dad out of the home!

40. Stargaze

Fallen up a blanket in the backyard once the sun has set. To identify constellations, get a telescope or use the Star Walk app on your phone. Dad will undoubtedly feel like a celebrity!

41. Get ready for the apocalypse of zombies

If your father enjoys a good laugh, walk around your house and make an emergency plan for when the zombies attack! Grab some Nerf weapons and play it out to prepare for when the real thing happens.

42. Play Cops and Robbers

This vintage game will transport you back to the good old days! Have Dad play cop or robber (his option) and the kids track him down and catch him!

43. Play some bowling

Make a backyard bowling alley out of recycled cans and bottles. You can knock them over with any form of ball!

44. Put on a performance

Make a play or sing a song on how much your children love their father. The sweetness is guaranteed to melt Dad’s heart!

45. Virtually visit Disneyland

Even if Disneyland and Disney World are closed, Dad may still visit the Happiest Place on Earth from the comfort of his own home. Take a virtual trip on classics like Space Mountain, Peter Pan’s Flight, and other Disney rides using YouTube.

46. Go mini-golfing

Consider converting your backyard into a mini-golf course if Dad is a regular Tiger Woods. Make obstacles out of bricks, cinderblocks, and 2x4s!

47. Take a scenic route

If you reside in a location with mountains, rivers, and canyons, instead of hiking, try taking a lengthy drive. Dad will still be able to appreciate the beauty of nature while maintaining his social distance.

48. Create your own BBQ rub

Help Dad develop his own own BBQ spice rub to elevate his cooking. Find recipes online or try your hand at making your own!

49. Make your own concoction

Make Dad a beer aficionado by assisting him in the creation of his own brew. Look for brewing kits on Amazon or see what supplies you’ll need, then sit back and watch the bubbles stream!

50. FaceTime with family and friends

Being with loved ones (even electronically) is more vital than ever at this time of uncertainty. Surprise Dad with a Zoom conference or FaceTime chat by sending private messages to his family, friends, and loved ones.

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Final Thoughts

This list of ideas for celebrating Father’s Day can be used in a variety of different ways. It provides great ideas to draw inspiration from and to get the creative juices flowing. These don’t have to only be used for Father’s Day either. You could certainly use these with any holiday or special event that you need some fun, unique activities to do.

Fun ideas are the one thing we always have a shortage of. Whether it is our last-minute attempts at a Mother’s Day gift, or ideas for a summer party, we always want and need more. We hope that this list inspired you to think outside the box when it comes to your father.