The 10 Best Funny Gifts for Moms

One thing may never change—our love for our moms. Boy or girl, son or daughter, the bond between mother and child is everlasting and always celebrated. And when the time comes to show our appreciation, we want to find the perfect gift. Finding something for mom can be tricky. While some know exactly what they want, others need a little help. Along with doing fun things like making mom breakfast in bed, cards and a day of relaxation, here are 10 terrific gifts you won’t want to forget.

1. The Butt Station

Are you still searching for a present for your mother? Or maybe you aren’t looking for a gift, but want to get something for yourself? Our new butt station has everything you need from toilet seat covers and air freshener to compact mirrors and soap dispensers. I am sure Mom would appreciate receiving one of these unique toiletry items!

2. Make Your Own Gin Kit

When you think of gifts for moms, do you give them something to appreciate or just not to complain? Of course you do! Gifts for moms can be a challenge. They want to be appreciated for their effort and support through the year, but do not want the same old stuff like a new tie or scarf. A highly rated gin kit can be a great option, if it fits the type of personality your mother has. The Make Your Own Gin Kit helps you create your own unique combination of flavors in a giant bottle that looks amazing. Let’s have a look at why this might be the easiest gift she will ever receive.

3. A Bath Caddy

While choosing a cute baby shower gift or birthday present for your mom, you might want to consider a bath caddy or any of the other toiletries that she will find handy and beneficial. You can find some gift items that can be given on any special occasion and are perfect for the elderly. However, keep in mind that you should customize each gift to suit the personality of your mother.

4. A Stemless Wine Glass

This stemless wine glass makes a great gift for all moms or for any occasion. Mom will love you for it because, who doesn’t love wine? Everyone loves a good glass of wine but when mom is done, she can place this set of wine glasses in the dishwasher to get ready for the next day. The wine glasses come with a wooden holder that can be reused year after year. There are three glasses in each set which makes it easier to share the love.

5. Rebel Nails Press On Nail Designs

If you’re looking for nail art ideas and can’t come up with something then check out our nail art gallery. You’ll find many different styles of press on nails such as gel nails, acrylic nails, paper tape nails and many more. If you need tips on how to apply press on nails then please check out our tutorial section where we have step-by-step instructions on how to apply press on nails. There are many possibilities with regards to what kind of nail art you can do so get creative!

6. A Beach Bag That Says “Mommy Juice”

Whether you’re a mom or not, being a woman should never limit your sense of style. A great gift idea is to give her something that she can use on a daily basis while also making her feel stylish and fashionable. Many women enjoy the outdoors, which makes it even better. A beach bag has numerous compartments in one small tote which would hold her things during her day at the office or for a trip on the beach. Also, it comes in many different colors and designs which caters to the many different personalities out there.

7. A Tote Bag That Says, “This Bag Contains Wine”

Men on the prowl for free drinks and women running out of options! That is pretty much the life of a mom with kids. But just because you are busy with work, shopping, sports and the upkeep of your home, doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish! But that’s where online stores are great for gifts for women; you can find something completely unique and amazing! Imagine their faces when they get a tote bag that says, “This Bag Contains Wine”! The best part is that it’s branded with your logo so you can flaunt them wherever you go. So if you are hunting for the perfect gift idea for women that is sure to flatter your brand, then start here.

8. An Oversized Wine Glass That Holds a Whole Bottle of Wine

This wine glass holds a full bottle of red or white wine. It’s unique “no drip” pour design allows you to enjoy both the contents and aesthetics of your favorite vintage at the same time. Unlike any other wine glass, a wide opening in the base drains wine with no spills or drips, while allowing your nose to fully experience your wine. It’s perfect for impressing dinner guests, and makes a one-of-a-kind gift idea for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, holidays, birthdays, or housewarming parties.

9. A Makeup Bag That Says, “Don’t Even Ask About My Eyebrows”

You found the perfect gift for Mom, right? You’re an awesome daughter or son, sister or brother. Well, maybe she won’t need it, but that won’t stop you from giving this amazing gift to the best mom in the world. It’s practical and useful; she’ll use it on a regular basis. It’s a useful decoration for her home. She can use it to hang her purse while she is organizing something else around the house. And if left empty, this bag makes a great design accent.

10. A Wireless Speaker With an Exaggerated Gender Binary Tagline (“Her New Best Friend”)

As this holiday season approaches, you have your work cut out for you. You need to find a thoughtful gift that reflects the tastes of everyone on your list. But if the people on your list happen to be more alternative than mainstream, and they are hoping to serve as an inspiration for their loved ones, you might want to consider male gifts. Or female gifts. By that I mean gifts designed specifically for men or women, not gifts designed thinking of men or women. Of course there will always be exceptions – such as the fabulous Ipad Girl! that works with all Ipads! – but generally speaking men and women will appreciate being given things that are gender appropriate, and gender-specific items really reflect how well -or not- you know them, which is why it’s so easy to fall back on stereotypes with one gender or another.

Final Conclusion

I love how these funny gifts for moms show real love and understanding for what it’s like to be a mom. It can be a very stressful job, and there are many times where we just need a laugh, or at least some acknowledgement for how difficult it can be. I’d recommend this list of funny gifts for your own mom or the moms in your life, because sometimes you really just need a good laugh.